I have worked with Niall often over the last 5 years. He is a fantastic editor, with a great sense of how to make a story work. He is someone who very much adds a layer of value to a project with his contribution. He has created edits from a bank of raw material that I would not have thought of and that, ultimately, is what I value: the ability to produce something that you never realised was there.  Like having completely fresh, second pair of eyes and ears to help you along the way.  He is also fluent in French and that too, has come in very useful on some recent projects we have worked on.
Chris Floyd - Director, Photographer www.chrisfloyd.com

I’ve worked with Niall for many years now and can’t recommend him highly enough.  He’s a fantastic creative editor but is also fast, knowledgeable and a great problem solver combined with the ability to manage multiple projects and deliverables. Most importantly he’s a pleasure to work with. 
Alison Cooper  - Executive Producer https://www.linkedin.com/in/alison-cooper-44101913/

I've worked with Niall for more than six years on exciting projects for blue-chip companies like Rolls-Royce & the iconic RAF Red Arrows aerobatic display team. He's one of the best editors I've worked with in my 25-year plus broadcasting career. Niall, though, is much more than an editor. He's a great storyteller, understands the power of imagery and has a great ear for music. Being an excellent communicator, I've also seen him manage major projects for big name clients like Huawei and the Canary Wharf Group. And best of all - he's great to work with.
Helen Fospero  - Broadcaster

I have worked with Niall on two occasions and was very happy each time. He's easy to communicate ideas with, produces high quality content and has a quick turn around time. As a close listener with clear creative suggestions he brings a lot to the table and I would recommend him highly and look forward to working with him again. 
Conor O'Mahony  - Director www.conoromahony.tv